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Secret Agent (also known as "Secret Agent Man") is a side-scrolling platform video game, developed and published by Apogee Software. It was intended for release on October 1, 1991 but was delayed and ended up by being released exactly four months later. It was re-released in 2013 on with support for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The first episode is shareware, while the remaining two are sold directly by the publisher.

A disappointed user of Secret Agent shared this in a review "Color palette choice alone can make yours eyes bleed but with jaggy movement of the camera make it very unpleasant to play Secret Agent for more than couple of minutes.


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Mr Richardson says

"Jason Spiller and Christina Spiller are still trading and along with the money outstanding to me, have allegedly stolen tens of thousands of pounds from musicians, dancers and other artists. It would appear from my research that they are prolific fraudsters and should be avoided at all costs if you are in the entertainment industry or looking to book any entertainment from them. Just to remind everyone, Jason booked my band and was paid in full by the client in advance of the event. I have never been paid for the gig which was a complete and total success. Christina was BANKRUPT and the automatic discharge was on the 2nd July 2019. The insolvency service which handled her case was Newcastle PO Box 16646, Birmingham, B2 2PW. They have dissolved numerous companies including but not limited to …... Book Live Limited – Dissolved Entertainments Limited – Dissolved 123 Works Limited – Dissolved 1311 Events – Dissolved Jason Spiller has a number of CCJ's against him which have not been satisfied."

Olly Rosenstock says

"Very poorly organised by Jay. Lack of communication throughout, felt blamed as I asked for cheaper scenario as didn’t want flowers photos video etc, just singer in romantic setting. On arrival, singers were ushered out of park which actually closed at 430pm, was told 8 by Jay. His excuse was “google said it was open”. Poor. Was forced to proposed outside of park on dark street. No lights, nothing creative or romantic."

Claire Smith says

"Great performance, however was very short for the amount of money paid."

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